Who Can Benefit

The work presented here is meant to free the driving force that can bring transformative, inner change.

Types of Self-Development Work That the Emotion Solution Can Catalyze

 Mindfulness, meditation, devotional, religious, spiritual, flow state, egalitarianism, self-actualization/realization, artistic pursuits, expressive dance and movement, performance, interpersonal relationships, physical and peak performance, feminism, service to others, psychological health and well being, nature immersion, Christ-consciousness, productivity and skills improvement, do-no-harm, inner peace, self-discipline, self-renewal, adherence to ideals, character development

Indicators That Your Practice Begs for Assistance

With your self-improvement work, you find:

You want better results.    You are bored.   You berate yourself about it.    

You’re stuck.   You hide much of what you think and feel.

You try to conform or contort into an image that is not you.

     You doubt your self-improvement practice, but it’s the best you can do.

You need to deny part of yourself in your growth work.                     

Your mind says one thing, your feelings another.  

 It seems that you will never get there.

This site shows you how to meet blocks, unmet desires, doubts, disappointments, contrary notions and feelings, and self-deprecations—and turn them into the source of your solutions.  


Who Will Not Benefit:

—Those with significant mental-health issues, especially those who become overwhelmed by stimulus or affect. Always ask your health professional if this material is appropriate. Please refer to the site disclaimer.

—if you are so bound by tradition that opposing it seems sacrilege, and you are unwilling to cross that line. 

—Those who are devoted to letting their minds run the show, and releasing that grasp is inconceivable. 

—You are unwilling to move out of your comfort zone. 

—For you, encouraging anything deemed as negative is insupportable. 

—You presently indulge in consciousness-changing substances. Clear and solid perception of your thoughts and emotions is essential for this avenue of change. 




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