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The Emotion Solution:

                         Change Your Consciousness,

Change Your Life

“No way of thinking or doing, however ancient, can be trusted without proof.”

—Henry D. Thoreau

What if we’ve got it all wrong? What if our spiritual leaders and self-improvement gurus are simply feeding us the same time-worn party line that they’ve been fed, a line for which nobody seems to demand evidence that their dogma actually works? The Emotion Solution shows that this is the case. It reveals how our culture is bound to the faulty perspective that our emotions are less productive than our minds, and this misconception is what shackles us and makes our efforts at self-development produce little more than self-fracture amidst a confounding lack of success. The Emotion Solution shows you how to recognize and work through this faulty vision and allow your dormant, higher self present the keys to lasting change.

Discover the simplicity of why your practice doesn’t really work and what to do about it.

Learn how to:

—directly access your transcendent, higher self—

— overcome programing that currently defines and arrests your limits—

— format your practice to fit your entire person—

— accomplish goals with less time and effort—

— turn roadblocks and dead-ends into the energy to carry you forward—

—nurture the conditions that allow breakthrough after breakthrough—

—make what you struggle against work in your favor—

—transform yourself into the immediate answer to your problem—

—gain more of yourself than you ever thought possible—

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