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Why Your Self-Development Practice Doesn’t Really Work

Do you find your self-improvement efforts difficult and less productive than you had hoped? Do you put more into working on yourself than you get out? Or no matter how hard you try, something feels missing or wrong? Most people involved in self-improvement work find some or all of these statements true. 

And for good reason: we are the marching troops who cast off the very force within ourselves that would lead to our destination, never considering the origin of our hardships. This need not be the case. The information presented here, what I call the Emotion Solution, shows you not only how to retrieve your dismissed life force in order to reach your self-development goals, but how to move far beyond, into the realms of higher consciousness.

The Loss of Connection

Look at your self-growth problem in terms of a battery: a potential energy source, with a positive and a negative pole needed to access its capacities. When both poles are hooked up to an appropriate task, a battery can accomplish many a wonder, through the now-available working flow of its energy. But take that same battery and hook up only one pole to a task, and it is ineffectual; it can’t do anything. Or you can partially block the flow of energy to any one pole and get only partial results. And this is our problem: by degrees, we suppress one pole of our human life force, and, in so doing, we achieve partial results that represent only part of our potential. We all do it.

Your Optimal State 

Like a battery, your effective output depends upon the degree of energy flowing from one of your poles to the other. The polarities of the human life force are described as the positive masculine pole and the negative feminine pole. For our purposes, we will focus on the intellectual and rational qualities of the masculine pole, and the emotional and intuitive nature of the feminine. If there is a free flow of energy between your two poles, the breadth of your life force is realized, and this energy can be applied to any task—in this case our self-development. 

Your Current Block

One might assume that common sense would tell us to engage both our poles in equal measure, in order to access our full potential and accomplish what we might. But this is far from the case. Western culture has taught us to accept our feel-good emotions and shun our darker emotions—a fair part of our constitution—resulting in a devastating imbalance between our emotions and intellect. That our darker emotions could prove as beneficial and potentially uplifting as our warm and fuzzy emotions is rarely given a thought; rather, we have been conditioned to hate or fear the emotions that aren’t instantly gratifying, and so we push them aside, where we unwittingly act them out and harm ourselves and others. This further reinforces the indoctrination that says your shadow side brings you to ruin and is to be avoided at any cost. But the true cost of this dynamic is that pushing these parts away is what actually drains our energy and inhibits our ability to grow. When responsibly received in your consciousness, your dark self informs, transforms, and propels you forward. This virtually unrecognized contributor is the missing element that transports you out of a life run in circles, to one in which you pick a destination, navigate, and soar. 

The Solution: Include All of Yourself

You may argue that emotions such as fear, greed, jealousy, hate, and anger could not possibly hold the keys to your growth and evolution. But if you give the Emotion Solution process a fair try, you’ll find that including rejected emotions in your self-development efforts opens the front door to self-transformation like nothing else. At most, you have been taught to merely acknowledge your shadow side, but you’ve never let it safely guide you in your attempts to improve your lot. Presented here is a step-by-step process to do just that. It takes effort, ingenuity, and perseverance, but it gets easier as you proceed, for once you get a handle on the central principles, apply them, and gain some ground, more of your innate power becomes available to bolster yet further progress. Better still: this change will not be slow and incremental, it becomes exponential. When both of your polarities run in congress—unfettered emotion with unbridled mind—your progress doesn’t simply double, it moves at rates without parallel. It becomes revelatory. Your growth becomes, at last, unchained.

The Emotion Solution is composed of five steps: Recognize, Express/Explore/Embody, Internalize, Transform, and Unify through Time. Applying these steps to your present efforts at self-growth is relatively simple and can yield unprecedented results in a short time. Yet enabling our emotions to function on equal footing with our mind on a permanent basis is neither simple nor quick, for mind has become our master; it does not like to relinquish its position. It manages when, where, and to what extent our emotions can be seen and heard. In other words, our masculine polarity dominates our feminine polarity. As a result of its prejudice, ignorance, and ungrounded fear, our mind exploits the emotions that it finds pleasing and throws what it regards as unusable into the slag heap. This self-defeating, growth-inhibiting state-of-play seems to know no end. But the dominance of mind can be challenged. This site gives you the tools to do so. 




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