About the Author

Fred Carlisle     Whole-Self Advocate

Who are you?

Like you, I was born into a questionable world. While deeply disappointed by its fraudulence and hardship, I was graced with a drive and gift for ferreting out truth from the nonsense supported by accepted norms, norm that leave us but circling around the self-development growth we desire. Through years of experimentation, never compromising with partial success, I eventually uncovered the missing, human factor in growth programs that makes change so difficult. Then I developed methods to put this element into practice, thus allowing personal transformation and wholeness of being that was previously available to only a dedicated few to become commonplace. Now I am making my findings available to all.

Why should I listen to you? 

First of all, you should listen to yourself as you read what I am saying. If enough rings true to warrant a try, give it a go. Once you experience your first breakthrough, any claims about why you should pay attention become moot.  

That said, you should listen because the odds of achieving real success in any given self-development program or in the resolution of life problems are stacked against you—and the strategy that I present here is your best way out of that impasse. I know this through results, results that never fail to amaze. This is the only system I know of that provides direct and reliable access to your higher self, to transcendent states of being that miraculously resolve self-development issues. You should listen because this works. 

What are your qualifications?

My foremost qualification is a great deal of personal work. I’ve undergone decades of research and application of technique. I didn’t quit. These “know-thyself” years proved invaluable to finding answers for myself and others. And I’ll reiterate that pretending to be okay, being kind-of okay, or giving up on being okay was never an option. 

Along the way I became a licensed clinical social worker and certified in Gestalt Therapy and various hands-on and energy-healing techniques, as well as massage therapy. I studied multiple theories and techniques in self-healing, self-improvement, and transcendence, attended too many workshops and trainings to mention, and dove into emotions from every angle. I spent many years honing the skills and techniques that achieve the consistent results that far surpass any one method I encountered.


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